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I Messed Up! Big Sale on Butea Superba

Posted on July 25, 2012 by admin in Butea Superba

I have a confession and I feel a bit of a fool becasue I messed up this time..

I was in a rush whilst I was recently writing an order note for our manufacturing facility and instead of writing 1000 bottles, I accidentally wrote 10000, what a fool!

As a result our manufacturing facility has made ‘ten thousand bottles of Buteaplex butea superba..

We would normally only hold enough stock to last about 60 days but this time becasue I messed up writing the order note we’ve just got too many bottles to store in our inventory.

But this is good news for you becasue in an attempt to reduce our inventory a little for a limited time until the stock is reduced to normal levels I am offering this sale (this really is the best price you’ll get a premium male enhancer like this) and becasue this was totally my fault you can lock-in this price for good with autoship..

Order your supply today and ‘lock-in’ this low price, you will be billed every 60 days at this very special low price and your 6 bottles of premium butea superba will be shipped to your door every 60 days, (you’ll also be helping me out to reduce our inventory).

As soon as we have enough orders placed I’m going to take this offer down.

Secure your supply now at this ‘never seen before’ low price of $99 every 60 days (Premium Butea Superba for true male enhancement for less than the price of a coffee each day)..

PS – As soon as our stock levels have evened out to normal levels I’m going to be taking this sale down so you really do have chance to ‘lock-in’ this price today.


And yes the guarantee applies to this offer. We are so certain that you’ll be over-joyed with the effects of this Product…and that you’ll get RESULTS by using it… and that you’ll love it in fact…that we are now offering a 56-DAY GUARANTEE WITH EVERY PURCHASE.

Male Libido

Posted on March 11, 2010 by admin in Butea Superba | Male Libido Enhancer

Male Libido & Marriage  Wikipedia

There are countless advantages of men growing up old, like the ability to see things in a wider perspective and the ability to love deeper than anybody else. But if there is one downside of men growing up old, it is the fact that manhood itself seems to grow old too. In fact, it has been proven by experience and scientific evidence that as men mature so as their sexual desires and capabilities. In most cases, however, loss of male libido has always been associated with many things not related to sexual matters. In a study released by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), it states that older men at that still feel the same urge as when he was a younger man. But there is more to feeling than actually doing it.

Male libido and marriage
There are many factors as why the male libido is drooping, including both the emotional and physical. In many cases, however, we know for the fact that the root cause of the problem is rather psychological than physical. As men grow old, they are bombarded with responsibilities they cannot but accept and find ways to survive. The majority of factors affecting the male libido are depression, stress and worries about everyday life. When men are confronted with these stressors, there is a huge possibility that their sexual performance can also be affected. In fact, male libido plays an important role in the marital status of a couple. Absence of it can either save or dissolve a marriage.

If both the emotional and psychological factors are involved in man’s dying libido, it is more likely that the physical aspect of his manhood is playing a big role in his incapacity to perform sexual activity. One thing to be considered here is the fact that perhaps the male’s testosterone level is decreasing rather rapidly. In fact, scientific study reveals that men lose about 10% of testosterone every decade and so it is obvious that as men grow old so as their sexual prowess. This condition is widely known today as male menopause or specifically andropause. This condition is mainly caused by the gradual decline of the male hormone. There are many factors as to why there is a decline in the male hormone, such as alcohol, psychological stress, or surgery, medications, injuries or surgery, obesity and infections.

Sign of a low testosterone level: decline in male libido

Today, there are millions of men suffering from the decline of the male hormone due to the effects of their lifestyles. In fact, many of them are already showing some symptoms and yet they remain unaware of the decline and charge their low sexual performance to the fact that they are growing old. Along with this experience, there are other physical symptoms of a low testosterone level, such as the decrease in the density level of the bones and body fat is accumulating rather faster. As men come to age, they too become irritable. But the obvious symptom is that there is clear sign of decline in the male libido.

It is in this stage in the life of men that male libido enhancement products are recommended, if not very much needed. Life does not stop at 40, 50 or even 60. The presence of various male libido enhancement products are a sure fire to once again recapture a man’s old glory and live the life of yesteryears when the sexual prowess was as its peak.


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How To Increase Male Libido

Posted on by admin in Butea Superba | Male Libido Enhancer
Ball-and-stick model of the testosterone molec...
Testosterone Molecule Wikipedia

The male sexual characteristics, such as muscle tonality and behavioral dominance, are promoted by the testosterone hormone. Testosterone is the main factor towards knowing how to increase male libido or the sexual drive. Men have higher testosterone level which increases during puberty, allowing men to have normal sex drive. Testosterone level is at a steady level following puberty but declines in the middle and older age, resulting to reduced sex drive. Therefore, it is important to know how to increase male libido when this time comes.

In order to know how to increase male libido, one should know the ways to naturally raise the testosterone level. There are some solutions on how to increase male libido including having a balanced diet, exercising regularly, staying away from stress and taking some natural supplements.

Balanced diet

One way on how to increase male libido is consuming a balanced diet which is good for sexual health. A poor diet, specially a diet with a high protein and low carbohydrate decreases the testosterone level because high amount of protein in blood lowers the amount of testosterone produced in the testes. On the other hand, monounsaturated fats increases testosterone levels. It is also important to eat regularly to ensure steady supply of nutrients needed to produce testosterone. Eating nutritious foods is part of knowing how to increase male libido.

Regular exercise

Doing exercises regularly to strengthen the body is another approach on how to increase male libido. Doing at least three sets of exercises will result to more testosterone production. It is also important to start weight training in early age because raising one’s hormone levels in the early stage can aid in maintaining it later on. Multi-joint exercises including squats and bench press increases testosterone more than single-joint exercises. Exercise is an important part in knowing how to increase male libido because carrying excess body weight declines testosterone production and increase estrogen production. It increases sex life and decreases the chances of one’s testosterone level to go down.

Staying away from stress

Looking for ways to stay away from stress is another way on knowing how to increase male libido. Stress leads to depression but can be avoided by having enough sleep. Stressful situations affect everything including interest in sex. Stress interferes with testosterone production. One should manage stress by considering strategies for dealing with it. Part of knowing how to increase male libido is saying no to alcohol and drugs. Although drunken sex is a lot of fun, it can be a disadvantage in the long run and is not a good practice especially if a man is seeking ways on how to increase male libido.

Supplements as libido enhancers

Supplements, on the other hand, aid in increasing one’s testosterone level. Determining the right supplements is part of determining how to increase male libido. Supplements include Vitamins, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, L argentine and L Tyrosine. Meanwhile, deficiency in Zinc can lead to numerous sexual problems. It also helps maintain semen volume and adequate levels of testosterone. On the other hand, Magnesium and L argentine are important in the production of sex hormones and for peak sexual performance while L Tyrosine helps in reducing stress. Taking supplements is a way of exercising one of the methods on how to increase male libido.


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Herbs Male Libido

Kama Sutra Illustration
Kama Sutra via Wikipedia

Of the countless herbs male libido supplements circulating in both the online and offline stores, the Butea Superba stands out as the best of all these herbs male libido enhancers because of its inherent power to give men the strength they need during sexual activities. In fact, the Butea Superba as a male libido supplement can significantly improve male’s sexual performance since it stimulates the male libido. Aside from this, the Butea Superba is a well-known herb that is used to relieve the male impotence and it is also used as stimulant for better sex drive.

Butea Superba as a male libido enhancer

There is actually an array of good benefits from using Butea Superba as herb libido enhancement because it addresses the very issue of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and it promotes satisfying sexual activity among partners. In fact, it causes blood flow towards the penis, resulting to frequent erections and a satisfying sexual encounter. As a good benefit, Butea Superba is also a herbal medicine used to prevent premature ejaculation. In fact, it is said to function even when the person taking it is heavily influenced by alcohol. The power of Butea Superba indeed is immeasurable.

Butea Superba as a herbal supplement

Using the Butea Superba as a herbal supplement has many good effects with respect to a man’s relationship with his partner in that it gives an ultimate fulfillment for both of them. Aside from this, it also gives a feeling of contentment for both partners because of the full sexual satisfaction that the herb is giving to them. In fact, it results to the deepening of the relationship because of frequent sexual intercourse. As an end result, it gives the man the confident he needs during sexual activity because he can perform to the fullest. What more, using Butea Superba as a male libido supplement has no side effects and it is a hundred percent safe for everyday usage.

So what exactly is Butea Superba?

The Butea Superba is a herbal supplement from Thailand. It is locally known as Red Kwao Krua and it’s rampant in the jungles of Thailand and other parts of India and Myanmar. It is a popular herbal medicine among Thai men who use this herb to increase their sexual vigor. Only recently, the fame that comes with Butea Superba has been widely circulated around the world as it is now used as an aphrodisiac. In fact, today Butea Superba has now entered into the mainstream market with appearance on tablets, capsules and gels.

When used as a libido enhancer, the Butea Superba has now been circulated all over the world because of its male enhancing power. It is precisely because of this purpose that Butea Superba is widely known as herb male libido enhancer. The popularity of the Butea Superba in Asia, particularly in Thailand, has crossed continents, reaching as far as the Western world. This herb is particularly good in helping men enhance their sexual desires. Aside from the good sexual performance that men can get from this herb, the Butea Superba has been proven to help men ejaculate more frequently.


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Loss of Libido in Men

Posted on February 23, 2010 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction | Natural Libido Enhancer
Seagulls mating
Animals are doing it  Wikipedia

Men are much more afraid of losing their interest in sex than women. This is because their masculinity is linked with their sexuality. This makes them unhappy compared to women. Loss of libido in men, or their sexual drive, is a gradual process, although it is not a common occurrence. There are several warning signs in connection with this condition and some of which are lack of sexual fantasies, absence of feelings of connection and sharing and having sex as mechanical and routine. It is a complex problem and has physical, medical, psychological and social causes.

One of the causes of loss of libido in men is impotence or erectile dysfunction. Loss of libido in men and impotence are two different things but they are interrelated. While libido refers to sexual drive, impotence, on the other hand, is the inability of a penis to sustain erection. Inability to have an erection can lead to loss of libido in men. This can be cured by known drugs which can enhance blood flow to the penis.

Another cause of loss of libido in men is the feeling of anxiety during sexual intercourse. Performance anxiety is a common sexual problem. It blocks the spontaneous flow to sexual feeling leading to the loss of libido in men. Performance anxiety is a big issue that can lead to avoidance of sexual encounters, low self-esteem and problems in relationship. It makes a man preoccupied and less involved in sexual intercourse. Realizing that sex should be fun, without focusing too much on the details of lovemaking, can help ease performance anxiety. Focus on knowing yourself more and being comfortable with what you have.

Another cause of loss of libido in men is depression. A depression is an illness affecting an individual’s mood and body. Depression affects a man’s activity, slowing his bodily systems and sapping his energy, including his sexual drive. It affects every aspect of lives including relationships. A depressed man cannot muster enough energy to pursue their daily activities. There is little data regarding the effect of depression to the loss of male libido but there are approaches that can be considered in treating depression and solving loss of libido in men, these includes changing one’s lifestyle and taking drugs and surgery.

Medical problems and chronic physical condition also causes loss of libido in men. One example is Hypothyroidism which decreases an individual’s desire for sexual activity, slowing down the body’s metabolism. Another cause of loss of libido in men is diabetes which affects the nerve function of the body vital to achieving an erection. On the other hand, hypertension, a condition affecting the flow of blood in the body, as well as, Andropause, a stage of male menopause, can also cause loss of libido in men. Having these medical problems result to the body’s struggle to regulate necessary hormones which can best be avoided by taking care yourself.

Medications can also be factors in loss of libido in men. Anti-depressants such as Prozac suppress orgasm and decreases desire for sexual intimacy. Illegal substances such as heroin and marijuana, when used too much, can cause loss of libido in men. Men experiencing lowered sexual desire need consult physicians to solve this problem. Discussing this sexual concern can open opportunities to explore solutions to counter loss of libido in men.


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Herbs Male Enhancement

Posted on February 21, 2010 by admin in Butea Superba | Herbs Male Enhancement
Human male and female - anatomical features po...
Herbs Male Enhancement Image via Wikipedia

A lot of men are unaware that there is actually a natural way to increase the size of their manhood. In fact, a bigger penis brings about confidence in a lot of men and precisely this is the reason why some men cannot seem to be satisfied with what they have. As a result, they dream of having a rather larger penis. This natural method of male enhancer involves a basic exercise, very much the same as with bodybuilding. Of all the forms of male enhancing, this method perhaps is the safest of all because the person only needs his hand and certain amount of lubricant to perform the exercise. The principle here is very simple: massage the penis to increase blood flow into the penis. This constant exercise will obviously result to a bigger penis.

Aside of course from the natural method of male enhancement, there are actually countless herbs being applied to perfect a man’s penis. Since the choices are endless, the question now lies on which of these herbs best work for each individual needs. There is really no reason to doubt their effectiveness as studies have shown their effectiveness.

The effects of different herbs vary significantly. There are herbs which are used to boost the testosterone level, while other herbs are used to improve men’s ‘staying power’ and still, many others are used to increase blood flow into the penis that results in the natural way to enlarge the penis.

The following herbs which have long been used for male enhancement:

Tribulus Terrestris

This herb has been proven effective when the Olympic athletes from Europe used it in their Olympic performances in the 1990’s. The belief is that the Tribulus Terrestris is responsible in the increase of the human body’s testosterone level, which is a hormone actually responsible in the increase of physical performance and also on increasing a man’s sexual drive. In fact, this herb has been proven to prevent premature ejaculation among men.

Catuaba Bark

This male enhancement herb is found in the deep jungles of Brazil. It is primarily responsible in the increase of blood flow into the penis, thus resulting to its becoming bigger because of blood. In fact, a British author, Michael van Straten, studied the effects of Catuaba Bark in relation to male enhancement. He came up with a conclusion that the herb actually increases sexual drive in both men and women. The most important contribution of this herb is especially seen on men because it actually has positive effects on impotent men. What more, this herb has no visible side effects.

Maca Root

This herb from Peru is famous for increasing the level of endurance among men during sexual activity. In fact, the New York Times came up with the report that Maca Root is not only responsible in the increase of sexual endurance, it has also positive effects on fertility among men, not to mention that it also minimizes the development of prostate cancer.

Butea Superba

The Butea Superba is a male enhancement herb registered in the health archives in the United States and it has been proven to be effective in penis enhancement, especially among Thai men with erectile dysfunction. The study was carried out amongst male volunteers aged between 30-70 years old to evaluate the therapeutic effect of Butea Superba on erectile dysfunction. As a result, there was about 82.4% improvement amongst the participants, not to mention that there were no side effects recorded.

To conclude, it is the responsibility of men aiming to enhance their manhood to carefully choose the right herbs as they may differ significantly. Be wary of products which contain pure herbal additives as these may cause damage rather than enhancing effects.

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Erectile Dysfunction

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Darth suffers from "erectile dysfunction&...
Image by originalpozer via Flickr Darth Vader Suffers From         Erectile Dysfunction

There had been numerous studies with respect to erectile dysfunction with the aim to help men recapture their sexual vigor. Most of these studies, however, are based on Western medicine and research. They are indeed proven to have positive results on men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The results of these studies and research are widely known, circulated and adopted in almost all parts of the world.

In recent years, however, there is a rising popularity in herbal medicine as a method in combating erectile dysfunction. Although there are countless herbs which are believed to address and minimize the effects of erectile dysfunction, the herbal medicine found in the deep forests of Thailand and India locally known as Red Kwao Krua or widely known as Butea Superba is said to be effective in reducing the effects of erectile dysfunction.

In fact, the so-called Kwao Krua or the Pueraria Mirifica herb, which is a Thai phytoestrogen-rich plant, has long been used as herbal medicine amongst Asian women for general purposes. It is, however, the relative of Kwao Krua familly, Butea Superba that Thai men used to increase their sexual vigor and for purposes of rejuvenation. This herb is widely distributed in the deep forests of Thailand and therefore readily available in South East Asia..

It is in the roots of Butea Superba that contains flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides with cAMP Phosphodiesterase that is especially used to address erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, the Indian Butea Superba contains flovone glycoside and flavonol glycoside which actually has no effects in relation to erectile dysfunction. For this purpose, it is the Thai Butea Superba which is widely used to address erectile dysfunction with the sole aim of helping men recapture their sexual prowess.

The use of Butea Superba on erectile dysfunction has not been plucked from ‘thin air’. In fact, there has been several scientific studies dedicated to solely prove that this herb can rejuvenate men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The study was conducted in three long months among random volunteers all suffering from erectile dysfunction, aged between 30 years old and 70 years old.

The aim was precisely to test the therapeutic effect of Butea Superba on men with erectile dysfunction. The result of the study came as a surprise because 82% of the participants showed positive results. This is a proof that Butea Superba indeed can medically address erectile dysfunction problems amongst men. In addition, the study reveals that there were no signs of side effects when using Butea Superba.

The result of the test has opened the doors for Butea Superba to be marketed around the world as an alternative cure to erectile dysfunction. The introduction of Butea Superba in the mainstream market has had a dramatic effect not only on the very core issue of erectile dysfunction, but more importantly it has encouraged countless men all over the world who are losing hope. Erectile dysfunction not only paralyzes the very manhood of a person, it also paralyzes the very hope of a man to express himself through sexual intercourse.


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Natural Libido Enhancer

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Image by Robert Hruzek via Flickr Natural Libido Enhancer

Obviously, there are signs when a man’s libido is low—resulting in the difficulty to get aroused, a difficulty to get stimulated and worst of all, the difficulty getting an erection. When these symptoms are appearing, you are obviously losing your libido and would benefit from a natural libido enhancer. Maybe it has been difficult to get a prescription of Viagra by your doctor. This is what all men want to avoid and so they exhaust all means to recapture their old glories.

As expert advice, you actually do not need to panic by accumulating awkward and harsh medications which can only damage your health rather than resurrect your libido. All you have to do is to know how to get a harder erection and which male libido enhancer to use. The very first thing you need to do is know and understand what men in Thailand have long been using to do just that— Butea Superba, locally known as ‘Red Kwao Krua’. In fact, this herbal medicine is widely known now as “The Miracle Herb” because of its extraordinary power to resurrect a man’s dying libido.

In fact, for many centuries the men of tropical Thailand and nearby Myanmar have long been using this herb to increase male libido naturally. It is only very recently that the Western world has been captivated by the power of Butea Superba. It is through the efforts of the Western world that Butea Superba has been proven through scientific studies and medical research that this herb holds unique male enhancing properties as a natural libido enhancer.

When this herb is consumed, it relaxes the blood vessels around the penis that results to the following sexual benefits:

  • it gives men a longer erection
  • it allows men to perform superbly in bed
  • it gives men the stamina they need
  • it gives men firm and hard erections
  • it helps men satisfy their partners
  • it helps men get aroused easily

Moreover, recent research shows that Butea Superba helps relax the blood vessels around the penis, thus resulting to the increase of blood flow in the penis. This extraordinary benefit can be likened to tap water being released, allowing blood to flood through the penis. We know that when there is a healthy flow of blood towards the penis, it is easy for men to get aroused and have hard rock erections.

Although other herbal plants have similar effects as that of the Butea Superba herb, many researchers were not impressed with the effects of other herbs and plants in comparison to the effects of Butea Superba. When the research at the Department of Biology in the Chulalongkorn University in Thailand was completed, Butea Superba was instantly introduced into the Western world. Since then, this powerful exotic herb has captivated the Western market both in offline and online stores. Today it is one of the promising products famous among men.

Butea Superba indeed is a herbal medicine that helps men recapture their dying libidos. The benefits of using this medicine are countless, but one thing is sure—it can reignite the romance between partners. This herbal medicine is a silent motivator that drives men go the extra mile.


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Butea Superba

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Butea monosperma
Image by santoshnc via Flickr          Butea Monosperma Plant

Butea Superba, locally known in Thailand as Red Kwao Krua, is abundant in the deep forests of Thailand and some parts of India. Butea Superba became popular among Thai men who used this herb to improve their sexual vigor and sexual rejuvenation. In fact, in recent years this herbal medicine from Thailand has caught international attention precisely because of its aphrodisiac components. Today, the Butea Superba is now a product which has a large market following both in offline and online stores. From a simple root of a plant, it has transformed into various forms, such tablets, capsules and gels.

Butea Superba is primarily used as aphrodisiac by the middle aged and older Thai men. There is no scientific evidence that it can lead to breast enlargement as claimed by other people. Although there is minimal Western research on Butea Superba, one specific research shows that the herb contains some anticholinesterase activity, which is responsible in the increase of acetylcholine in the human body. The acetylcholine, as we came to know it, is responsible in the proper erectile function and memory enhancement.

Throughout the years, Butea Superba has claimed many benefits especially in relation to enhancing the male sexual prowess. The following are a few of the sexual benefits the male population can get from Butea Superba:

It addresses erectile dysfunction

The root of the Thai Butea Superba is rich in flavonoid and flavonoid glycoside which is responsible in helping men with erectile dysfunction recapture their sexual vigor. In fact, the usage of Butea Superba with the aim to combat erectile dysfunction has long been widely practiced in Thailand and it caught international attention when a study on this herb became successful. In a study among volunteers who are all suffering from erectile dysfunction with the age ranging from 30 years old to 70 years old, it shows that 82% of them regain their sexual strength after taking the herbal medicine.

It is a male enhancer

Because of its popularity, the Butea Superba has been registered in the United States and is now therefore safe to be used as a male enhancer. In fact, it does not only function to combat erectile dysfunction, it has also been used by Thai men to as a penis enhancer. When men take this herbal medicine, a strong flow of blood can significantly enlarge the penis, thus resulting to the natural enhancement of the male sex organ. What is good about Butea Super is the fact that it shows no side effects on men who use it as an aphrodisiac.

It is a natural libido enhancer
As a male libido enhancer, the Butea Superba has been widely circulated all over the world. In fact, it is because of this purpose that Butea Superba is widely known for. Its popularity in Asia, particularly in Thailand, has spread to the Western world. This herb is particularly good in helping men enhance their sexual desires. The herb is said to help men ejaculate more frequently.

Through all these years the Butea Superba has been proven to be man’s bestfriend in terms of developing a strong sexual prowess. The benefits of this herb are proven to be effective on men, especially those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. What more, medicines derive from Butea Superba has no side effects on the human health. It is therefore safe to be used as a male libido enhancer.


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Increase Male Libido

Posted on February 20, 2010 by admin in Erectile Dysfunction | Male Libido Enhancer
Say no to porn
Image by Brendio via Flickr

It is a common experience among older men to suffer from loss of libido. In fact, a lot of men are not even aware of this loss, while many others, however, are greatly concerned regarding the causes of the decline of male libido. There are many factors in the decline of male libido, such as the emotional, psychological and physical factors. With respect to the emotional and psychological factors, an array of causes can be attributed to them and they have a deep impact on the sexual health of men. Aside from this, other factors also play important role in the decline of male libido like stress, alcohol, drugs and erectile dysfunction.

Just as there are countless causes as to why there is a decline in the male libido, there are also many ways to increase  male libido by increasing the production of testosterone level. The following tips are very helpful:

1. Healthy diet

The choice of food plays an important role in the production of the testosterone level. A healthy diet should consist of foods rich in protein, such as the lean meat, chicken and egg. As of this regimen, foods high in bad carbohydrates must be avoided since they prevent the production of testosterone, because of the presence of sugar in many carbohydrates, especially the soy protein. Diet rich in fats must also be avoided, but you should increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables, like the broccoli, cauliflower, radish, turnips, cabbage and brussel sprouts simply because they raise the testosterone level.

2. Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol is another factor that greatly affects the production of testosterone and so it must be taken in moderation or even totally avoided if you are seriously want to increase male libido. Like anything else, alcohol is OK in moderation.

3. Exercise regularly

This is the most important of all because proper workout and exercise can significantly raise your testosterone level. For this part, prefer to use compound exercises which target many muscles with a single workout, like the bread-and-butter lifts, deadlifts, squats, bench press, rows, dips, chin-ups, lunges and military press. These exercises are known to put your muscles under great stress, resulting to the production of testosterone level.

4. Get adequate sleep

Lack of sleep results to the production of cortisol which in turn prevents in the production of the male testosterone. Aside from this, getting adequate is a sure way to having a satisfying sexual experience because all senses are alive, not to mention the fact that the mind is at its peaceful state when fully recharged.

5. Reduce stress

Stress is a major factor that kills the male libido. It brings about countless psychological effects on the person, like guilt, anxiety and depression. Having these kinds of negative feelings, it is most likely that the male sexual make up can greatly be affected. In fact, a satisfying sex only occurs during the most relaxed state of the person mind. A troubled mind, therefore, can never attain full sexual satisfaction.


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